Scientific Advisory Board

Johan Åqvist
Professor of Theoretical Chemistry and head of the research division for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, he is one of the world leading experts in the area of molecular simulations and free energy calculations, having received thousands of citations of his most salient developments. He is member of different scientific associations as well as the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences since 2009.
Gerard van Westen
Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Medicinal Chemistry at Leiden University (the Netherlands) and head of the computational drug discovery group in that University. He became one of the most recognized experts in the use of ML and AI in the field of chemoinformatics and drug design. His aim is to to make AI a low threshold tool that can be used to speed up and improve the classical medicinal chemistry.
Martin Bastmark
With a degree on Economics from Lund University, Martin has a broad experience on the creation and management of technological companies. He is currently partner and member of the advisory board of several tech companies and is specialized in investment on small business.